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ZeroFy Sep 1, 2016

Welcome to ZeroFy's Terms of Use. This document contains all the information about the functioning of the App and should be read before proceeding.

1. Acceptance of Terms of Use and Privacy

To use App ZeroFy, you must accept the terms of this document.
You must be at least 13 years old to create an account on the App ZeroFy.

2. Our Services

ZeroFy is a brand engagement platform, which connects users to advertisers.

i. The invitation
Users can register on the platform by invitation only. When requesting an invitation and having your invitation approved, users can create an account on the App in order to be able to log on the platform.
To request your invitation, log in and complete the registration, users must have a valid email account. Invitations approved are only able to login after confirmation of the email. To do so the platform will send email confirmation instructions.
ZeroFy reserves the right to refuse invitations, without providing further clarifications.

ii. The Registration
Before first use you must complete a registration immediately after login. During the registration process, users need to provide some profile data. Users who do not provide such data have not completed their registration and may not use the platform.

iii. What are Coupons
Advertisers offer prize coupons, that when registered in the user's account, grant certain benefits to them. The most common benefit is amount of internet connection, which is sponsored at no cost to the user, to be used in the mobile phone or tablet device. ZeroFy reserves the right to change, add and cancel benefits in future releases.
Each coupon specifies an amount of connection with the navigation time and/or Mb maximum data and coupon maturity. Each coupon also includes the amount of commercial breaks in those respective access.
The remaining balance of the amount of connection, shown in the user's device or in the App menu notification bar, takes into account the surfing time used and the data consumed, whichever ends first.
If the connection drops for lack of signal or is interrupted by the user at any time, the platform registers the remaining balance on the user's coupon, and when connection resumes the coupon uses the remaining balance.

iv. Subscribing and Getting More Coupons
Users can register more than one coupon in the account without limitation. Every login, the platform gives priority to the use of the coupon with the nearest expiration. If all available coupons in the user's account have the same expiration, the platform uses the coupon as they were launched in the account. ZeroFy reserves the right to change the use of rule of coupons without the need to provide further clarifications.
Users can get coupons in various ways, and for that ZeroFy will use available communication channels on the Internet and on social networks. Available forms are a) Coupon Welcome, b) Coupon Friend, c) Coupon Gold, d) Coupon Buy and Win on promotions buy-and-win, where coupons are awarded in case of purchase of certain products and services, e) Coupon Social Network, on the engagement and dissemination in social networks, f) Coupon Draw on the promotions sweepstakes or raffles, g) Coupon Birthday. ZeroFy reserves the right to change, add and cancel ways of obtaining coupons. ZeroFy does not sell coupons, or authorize others to sell coupons in exchange for money.
The App has an area on the menu that allows users to track the history of coupons, as well as registering new coupons. Once a coupon is registered to an account in one device, such coupon is linked to that user and that device. Users that perhaps use the same access across multiple devices can not share coupons between devices. Coupons are considered valid only after registration in user account and confirmation by the server of its validity.
In case of decice loss or theft when the user re-install your account on the new device, user may lose all the coupons and balances previously available.

v. Coupon Welcome
Registered users can receive, upon completion of the first access, a coupon Welcome to enable the user to make a tasting of the platform.

vi. Coupon Friend
Users also receive, on the date of the first registration, an email invitation with a link to send to friends. If the invited friends connect on the platform ZeroFy using the link, the user receives a benefit, either as an additional Coupon, whether the amount of additional connection existing coupons. To receive this award, users need 5 friends to connect to the platform and every 5 friends the award is repeated. ZeroFy reserves the right to change, add and cancel the dynamics of coupons.

vii. Coupon GOLD
Users can be awarded at any time with additional coupons. To do this simply click on the App screen when the Coupon Gold appears and this will be added to the user's account automatically.
viii. Assumptions to connection

In order to establish connection to ZeroFy:
a) the carrier used by the user needs to be enabled in ZeroFy platform. If the operator is in vetting process the user will be informed after the invitation;
b) that is available in the user area a data connection on the used carrier with 3G / 4G data signal;
c) if the user has a pre paid account, the user has available credit.

The connection to ZeroFy does not use the user data or Mb of the data plan. To do so the user must have a login and password on the platform, with full registration, accepts this document and has valid coupon with available balance, in addition to the three above premises.
Once established a connection to the ZeroFy platform, the user will be informed through a message on the device and in the notification bar the ZeroFy counter and the key informing the connection. Only from that moment on the connection is therefore sponsored at no cost to the user.
The connection speed is always the speed of network data available by the operator, and the ZeroFy reserves the right to control the amount of connection, and connection time and the franchise of data under this Agreement and the coupon use. In the first access will be asked by the operating system if the user allows the app to establish a VPN. The VPN is part of the connection technology and consists of safe navigation environment, under this document. To complete the connection, the user must approve the VPN.
If you forget your password, the platform allows the user to enter their email and retrieve the password.
Users who are loyal can win prizes or sweepstakes and extra coupons and extension in their remaining balances. ZeroFy and its partners and advertisers reserve the right to change, add and cancel established benefits.

ix. Surfing with ZeroFy
Users who do not have active coupons or remaining balance can not use the platform, being informed after login. To resume use, such users must register new coupons.
In every access to the platform, after login, if the user has an active and remaining balance, user will be presented at least one advertising and / or at least one question.

x. Interaction = Benefits
Users must then interact with advertising, or answer questions correctly, in order to confirm the App that advertising was read and the answer was given.
ZeroFy reserves the right to store the data of the advertisements displayed, the answers and all user interactions with the App.
Such profile details and engagement can help advertisers and ZeroFy to display advertisements, special awards and promotions for the right groups. Therefore it is essential that the user interacts with the platform in a honest and sincere way.
Once confirmed reading or response to the App, ZeroFy establishes the connection to the platform and releases the user to access the Internet sponsored at no cost to the user, under this agreement, while there is remaining balance and coupons available on the user's account. You can use your amount of connection to whatever you want to do, unless determined differently by the advertiser.

xi. Commercial breaks
As a parameter set by the advertiser, there may be some commercial breaks. For this the App screen will override any App or activity that you are doing with your device and new advertising and / or question may be asked. During the interruption the data connection is halted. Once confirmed the advertisement is read or answer the question App given, connection is restablished to the platform.
If the connection drops for lack of signal or is interrupted by the user at any time, the platform registers the remaining balance on the user's coupon, and when connection resumes the coupon uses the remaining balance.
When you no longer have coupons or balance you will be informed of it, and the connection will be terminated.

xii. Privacy Policy
ZeroFy reserves the right to share user profile data, including GPS location, as well as details of interaction and engagement with advertisements and questions with their partners and advertisers with the aim of improving the user experience.
ZeroFy does not provide certain data to third parties, such as email, phone number and IMEI, unless you choose to provide this information to the advertiser, if and when requested.
ZeroFy does not monitor how the connection is used by the user, such as fields filled in browser forms, shopping, or any behavior mapping that is not obtained in the interaction with the screens of questions and advertisements in the App ZeroFy.

xiii. Misuse
That said, ZeroFy can not be responsible for the misuse of the application by its users, whether criminal acts or not.
We expect our users to have good behavior in the use of data and platform awards, and be sincere and interact correctly with the App.
ZeroFy reserves the right to block, temporarily or permanently users who ZeroFy believe do not fit these behavioral assumptions, regardless of the amount of active coupons and their respective balances.

xiv. Beta
ZeroFy is an innovative platform with the latest technology, and as such, it is a product of constant improvement.
The platform has been tested and is validated to work properly on Android devices version 4.1 and above.
Technical problems can be reported to ZeroFy by form in site
Questions, comments, suggestions, should also be sent by form on the website.
ZeroFy reserves the right to change this Agreement at any time since informing users.

Thank you for choosing ZeroFy
Welcome !
Surf and Win.